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Renting a lorry with driver saves you time and inconvenience by outsourcing the driving us. Our drivers are familiar with the route and drive so you can manage the larger aspect of your business. Save time and money by renting a lorry with driver.

Complimentary Moving Materials Provided

We have pallet jacks, trolleys, straps and belts on board that can be provided free of charge for our transportation clients. Aside from handling driving, we provide all necessary equipment just so you can enjoy a hassle free experience.

Lorry Transport Service? We’re a company up to the challenge!

Here at Omni Global, aside from providing you with the vehicle of your choice, we will also include a reliable and responsible driver to aid you.


Our fleet ranges from smaller vans to the larger commercial vehicles. If you are unsure of the exact type of transportation that you require, you can always check with our staff over the phone. If we can assist you in any other way, do inform us too. This may include things such as additional manpower. However, do take note that such add-on will be chargeable.

Vehicle with Driver

Moving is made easy with Omni Global. We can supply everything you need to ensure your move is as easy as possible. We have accessories like hand trolleys, ropes, blankets and packing boxes. Our drivers are competent and qualified.

10 Feet Lorry (1 TON)

Features No Tailgate
Capacity 1 TON
Height 2.95m
Inner Cabin Height 1.95m
Inner Width 1.56m
Inner Length 3.08m
Minimum Rental Duration 2 hours

14 Feet Lorry (2 TON)

Features Optional Tailgate
Capacity 2 TON
Height 2.9 - 3.5 m
Inner Cabin Height 1.7 - 2.4 m
Inner Width 1.95 - 2.1m
Inner Length 4.3m
Minimum Rental Duration 2 hours

24 Feet Lorry (6 TON)

Features Comes with Tailgate
Capacity 6 TON
Height 3.9m
Inner Cabin Height 2.57m - 2.7m
Inner Width 2.35m
Inner Length 7.5m
Minimum Rental Duration 2 hours

24 Feet Lorry (9 TON)

Features Comes with Tailgate
Capacity 9 TON
Height 3.6m- 4.1m
Inner Cabin Height 2.1m - 2.6m
Inner Width 2.5m
Inner Length 7.3m
Minimum Rental Duration 2 hours

Food Truck

Features Comes with Tailgate
Capacity 1.5 TON
Height 2.8m
Inner Cabin Height 1.9m
Inner Width 1.65m
Inner Length 3.2m
Minimum Rental Hours 2 hours

Refrigerated Truck

Size 10ft -16ft
Features Comes with Tailgate
Height 2.6m - 2.9m
Inner Cabin Height 1.65m - 1.84m
Inner Width 1.5m - 1.9m
Inner Length 3m - 4.85m
Minimum Rental Duration 2 hours

Benefits of Renting a Lorry with Driver


Hiring a lorry with driver has been gaining popularity over the years as compared to just renting a lorry for self drive. By hiring lorry with driver, you are hiring a transportation and a service provided by the logistic company. Not only may it end up being cheaper, you don’t have to go down the the factory to pick up the vehicle and to return the vehicle after running your errand. The transport cost would have cost you a bomb by then. By hiring a driver, the driver will have expertise on operating the lorries, know which routes are allowed for lorries and also which parking are suitable for lorries due to past experiences. This is save you time and money at the end of the day. 

 Other Services

Aside from lorry rental with driver service, our lorry company provides other logistical needs to complement your needs.

For companies with heavier goods that are too heavy for 1 man to lift, it makes more economical sense to hire a forklift with driver to do the job. Find out more about forklift service now.

Our warehouse is there to help companies who need extra storage space to store their goods. We have long term and short term storage service for all kinds of goods. Contact us to find out more.

For companies who have their own driver, we offer long term vehicle rental without driver for your logistical needs. These rental vehicles ranges from vans to larger lorries at very reasonable rates.

Sometimes, buying instead of renting a vehicle make more economical sense for companies with a larger budget. Omni Global provides the option of selling commercial vehicles to the market as well.

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