We Provide Only The Best Service

Our licensed drivers are familiar with the routes to take and trained to drive safely, allowing you to save time. 

Complimentary Moving Materials Provided

We have pallet jacks, trolleys, straps and belts on board that can be provided free of charge for our transportation clients.

Looking for Lorry Transport Service?

Here at Omni Global, aside from providing you with the vehicle of your choice, our lorry rental services are also inclusive of a reliable and responsible driver.


We have a large fleet of vehicles, ranging from 10ft lorries to 24ft lorries. If you are unsure of the type of transportation that you require, call us at 6898 4994 to check with our staff. 


You can also let us know if you need additional assistance in any way, we will be happy to help. This may include things such as extra manpower. However, do take note that such add-ons will be chargeable.

Renting a Lorry with a Driver

Moving is made easy with Omni Global. We can supply everything you need to ensure your move is as easy as possible. 


We have accessories like hand trolleys, ropes, blankets and packing boxes. On top of that, our drivers are competent and qualified, ensuring you a smooth transportation process.

10 Feet Lorry (1 TON)

Features Optional Tailgate
Capacity 1 TON
Height 2.95m
Inner Cabin Height 1.95m
Inner Width 1.56m
Inner Length 3.08m
Minimum Rental Duration 2 hours

14 Feet Lorry (2 TON)

Features Optional Tailgate
Capacity 2 TON
Height 2.9 - 3.5 m
Inner Cabin Height 1.7 - 2.4 m
Inner Width 1.95 - 2.1m
Inner Length 4.3m
Minimum Rental Duration 2 hours

24 Feet Lorry (6 TON)

Features Comes with Tailgate
Capacity 6 TON
Height 3.9m
Inner Cabin Height 2.57m - 2.7m
Inner Width 2.35m
Inner Length 7.5m
Minimum Rental Duration 2 hours

24 Feet Lorry (9 TON)

Features Comes with Tailgate
Capacity 9 TON
Height 3.6m- 4.1m
Inner Cabin Height 2.1m - 2.6m
Inner Width 2.5m
Inner Length 7.3m
Minimum Rental Duration 2 hours

Food Truck

Features Comes with Tailgate
Capacity 1.5 TON
Height 2.8m
Inner Cabin Height 1.9m
Inner Width 1.65m
Inner Length 3.2m
Minimum Rental Hours 2 hours

Benefits of Renting a Lorry with a Driver

Cost Efficient

Renting a lorry with a driver is cost efficient as the driver picks up and returns the vehicle after the assignment. This allows you to avoid incurring unnecessary transportation costs.

Saves Time

An experienced lorry driver will have the skills and expertise needed to operate the lorry. Additionally, he will be familiar with the routes and parking areas suitable for lorries. This can help you to save time and trouble from driving the vehicle.

 Why Choose Omni Global

Range of Services

We offer a range of logistical services suitable for your respective business needs. Apart from lorry rental, we also offer forklift rental and storage and warehousing services.

Certified Professionals

Our lorry drivers have undergone the necessary training and attained the required licenses to drive a lorry safely.

Personalized Services

We offer short- and long-term rental, giving you the option to customise our services according to your needs.

 Other Services

Aside from lorry rental with driver service, our company provides other logistical services to complement your needs.

Vehicle Rental

For companies who have their own driver, we offer long-term vehicle rental without a driver for your logistical needs at reasonable rates.

Yellow forklift

Forklift Service

For companies with heavier goods that are too heavy for 1 man to lift, it makes more economical sense to hire a forklift with a driver to do the job. Find out more about forklift services now.


Our warehouse is there to help companies who need extra storage space to store their goods. We have short- and long-term storage services available for all kinds of goods. Contact us to find out more.



Safe, reliable lorry transportation for your business needs