Worldwide Customers

If renting or leasing a vehicle is not an option, we also offer commercial vehicles for sale. Leave us your contact and let us know if you have any questions.

Other Services.

Aside from Vehicle for sale, Omni Global offers other third-party logistical services that can meet your needs.

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Forklift Service

For companies with heavier goods that are too heavy for 1 man to lift, it makes more economical sense to hire a forklift with driver to do the job. Find out more about our forklift service now.

Lorry Service

For cargo goods that are required to move from one point to another destination, we have a large fleet of commercial vehicles with drivers to assist your transportation needs.


Our warehouse is there to help companies who need extra storage space to store their goods. We have long term and short term storage service for all kinds of goods. Contact us to find out more.

Vehicle Rental

For companies who have their own driver, we offer long term vehicle rental without driver for your logistical needs. These rental vehicles ranges from vans to larger lorries at very reasonable rates.

Buy used lorry from Omni Global at affordable rates