Warehouse Storage Services

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Temporary Warehouse Storage

Good for families who are relocating, companies who are shifting offices and businesses who are looking for last mile fulfilment services.

Business storage space

Pay only for the storage space your business will use. Suitable for document storage space, office temporary storage space, retail merchandise and marketing collateral.

Pick and pack service

Aside from offering storage spaces, we also have pick and pack services where we will our customers pack up their goods and send them out for delivery when necessary.

Extremely Affordable

Located at the outskirt of town, we are able to offer a general cheaper rates than other storage spaces. Leverage on this so we can help you save cost for your business.

Common queries for warehouse storage needs!

Let us help you with the questions you have
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Where is our warehouse situated at?

Omni Global has a 30,000 sq ft warehouse storage available in Singapore for rental. We are located at Jurong industry area.

We are situated on the outskirt of the town area so that the cost per square feet is more affordable than common commercial spaces that are situated in the city areas. Our warehouse is highly ventilated and well segmented for easy tracking and accessibility of goods.

Who is suitable to rent a warehouse space from us?

With a large and abundant area of space, our warehouse space is suitable for both short term and long term storage. Small and large companies are all welcomed. Our client based ranges from startups, SMEs, to large companies who are using our storage space for different type of items/cargo goods before they are returned or dispatched to a customer.

• People that are relocating overseas for work for long period
• Families who are moving house and need a temporary space to store furniture
• Retail business owners who are renovating their space or closing down
• Office managers with document storage that does not have sensitive information
• Ecommerce businesses where you need a space to store your goods

How are we different from other warehousing storage?

Due to our large fleet of commercial vehicles available, aside from warehouse storage services, we are able to offer lorry rental with driver services to dispatch your goods to your destination for our clients. We can also offer pick up and drop off transport services due to our large economy of scale.

What details do you need to provide us?

For an accurate quote, we will need to know as much details as possible for your requirements of storage space. Please email us the following:

  • Amount of space required:
  • Items to be stored:
  • Duration of storage required:
  • Do you need pick up and delivery service?

Other Services.

Aside from warehousing storage rental services, we also have other related logistical services for your needs.

For cargo goods that are required to move from one point to another destination, we have a large fleet of commercial vehicles with drivers to assist your transportation needs.

For companies with heavier goods that are too heavy for 1 man to lift, it makes more economical sense to hire a forklift with driver to do the job. Find out more about forklift service now.

For companies who have their own driver, we offer long term vehicle rental without driver for your logistical needs. These rental vehicles ranges from vans to larger lorries at very reasonable rates.

Sometimes, buying instead of renting a vehicle make more economical sense for companies with a larger budget. Omni Global provides the option of selling commercial vehicles to the market as well.

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