24 Feet Lorry (6 TON)

Features Comes with Tailgate
Capacity 6 TON
Height 3.9m
Inner Cabin Height 2.57m - 2.7m
Inner Width 2.35m
Inner Length 7.5m
Minimum Rental Duration 2 hours

24ft Lorry Rental 6 Ton with driver

Comes with Canopy

Lorry with canopy also meant that aside from transporting cargos, the 24ft lorry is able to transport passengers on board according to LTA rules and regulations.

Industrial Usage

Suitable for industrial usage with heavy machineries and cargos to be loaded and transported. Items/cargos should be lesser than 5000kg to prevent overload.

Skillful drivers

Driving a large vehicle like a 24ft lorry is not simple task. It requires license and professional driving experience. Our drivers are experienced enough to handle.

Book early

Book early to prevent unavailability of 24ft lorry with canopy. State down all the pick up locations, drop off locations, time and dates so we can send you an accurate instant quotation.

Other Services.

Apart from 24 Feet Lorry (4 or 5.5 ton) with driver, we have complementary lorry services for your logistical needs.

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Sometimes, buying instead of renting a vehicle make more economical sense for companies with a larger budget. Omni Global provides the option of selling commercial vehicles to the market as well.

Rent hourly 24 Feet Lorry (4 or 5.5 ton) with tailgate and driver for your transportation needs