24ft Lorry (9 Ton)

Features Comes with Tailgate
Capacity 9 TON
Height 3.6m- 4.1m
Inner Cabin Height 2.1m - 2.6m
Inner Width 2.5m
Inner Length 7.3m
Minimum Rental Duration 2 hours

24ft Lorry (9 Ton) Rental with driver

Why Choose Omni Global 24ft Lorry Rental With Driver?

Provision Of Relevant Equipment

Aside from renting our 24ft lorry, we also provide additional useful equipment at no extra cost. This includes belts to secure your items, pallets jacks and tailgate for heavy items.

Safe Drivers

Our drivers take safety precautions very seriously. They are professional drivers equipped with a minimum of 5 years of driving experience.

Holistic Services

We aim to provide a holistic solution for all your transportation needs. If you are transporting high-value items with us, contact us to arrange for insurance on your items.

FAQs For Your 24ft Lorry Rental Needs

We can help you with your questions!

Who will need our 24ft lorry rental services?

24ft lorries are typically used for office relocations. They are also frequently used for the transportation of industrial equipment.


Whether you are a small or large corporation, you are welcomed to contact us as long as you need help moving your goods, furniture or equipment!

Can your 24ft lorry transport all kinds of goods?

Our 24ft lorry is suitable for transporting different kinds of goods, equipment and furniture.


It has a maximum capacity of 9 tons.

How are we different from other 24ft lorry rental services?

At Omni Global, our team is experienced in providing a variety of logistics services on top of lorry rental services. 


Thus, we can provide you with the best logistics solution that will meet all your business needs.

Other Services

We provide other logistics services apart from 24ft lorry rental services.

Yellow forklift

Forklift Service

If you need help lifting heavy goods or products, you can rent our forklift (with a professional driver) here.

Vehicle Rental Service

We have a wide range of commercial vehicles to meet your transportation needs. Contact us to rent a vehicle (without a driver) today.

3PL Services

Our 3PL services cover various logistical processes including supply chain management, warehousing and transportation services.

Warehouse Storage

Our warehouse storage facilities are suitable for both individuals and businesses. Find out how you can store your goods and equipment with our warehouse storage solutions.

We provide 24ft lorry rental services for all your transportation needs!