A tailgate lorry allows users to load and unload goods from the vehicle easily and efficiently.

At Omni Global, we are a professional provider of tailgate lorry rental services with and without a driver. We also offer short- and long-term rental at competitive prices.

Types of Tailgate Lorries Available For Rental

10ft Lorry (1 ton)

10ft lorries are a cost-effective option often used for the transportation of household appliances such as washing machines and other small furniture. On average, 5 pieces of furniture can be transported per trip.

TailgateOptional (upon request)
Inner cabin height1.95m
Inner width1.56m
Inner length3.08m
Minimum rental duration2 hours
Price$50 per hour

14ft Lorry (2 ton)

14ft lorries are typically used for home or office relocations. A tailgate is especially helpful when moving heavy machines such as those used during events.

TailgateOptional (upon request)
Height2.9 - 3.5m
Inner cabin height1.7 - 2.4m
Inner width1.95 - 2.1m
Inner length4.3m
Minimum rental duration2 hours
Price$60 / $75 per hour

Food Catering Truck

Our food catering trucks are suitable for a variety of events including

  • outdoor weddings,
  • festivals,
  • birthday parties and
  • film or television sets.

Capacity1.5 ton
Inner cabin height1.9m
Inner width1.65m
Inner length3.2m
Minimum rental duration2 hours
Price$75 per hour

24ft Lorry (6 ton & 9 ton)

24ft lorries are a popular option for office moves. They are also often used to transport bulky industrial equipment.

Capacity6 ton9 ton
Height3.9m3.6m- 4.1m
Inner cabin height2.57m - 2.7m2.1m - 2.6m
Inner width2.35m2.5m
Inner length7.5m7.3m
Minimum rental duration2 hours
Price$90/hour$100 per hour

Benefits Of Renting A Tailgate Lorry

14 Feet Lorry (2 ton)

Simplified Loading

As the tailgate functions like a forklift, it minimises the need for physical manpower when it comes to moving goods and furniture onto or off the lorry.

Safer Transportation

The chances of damaging goods or furniture during loading and unloading is lower as the tailgate ensures that items are lifted and set down gently.

Why Rent A Tailgate Lorry From Omni Global?

Affordable Rental Prices

At Omni Global, we believe in offering reasonable rates coupled with excellent customer service to provide you with the best rental experience possible.

Experienced Drivers

Our drivers are licensed and have at least 5 years of experience. You can rest assured that they will take the necessary steps to ensure the safety of your goods and belongings.

Quick Customer Service Response

When you send us an enquiry, our customer service team will reach out to you with an accurate quotation as soon as possible.

Holistic Rental Solutions

Aside from vehicle rental, we seek to provide all our customers with other value-added services. This includes arranging for insurance on high-value items upon request, in case of any damage.

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Tailgate Lorry Rental

We have a wide range of tailgate lorries ranging from the normal 10ft to the larger 24ft lorry. Contact us now!

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FAQs For Your Tailgate Lorry Needs

Does Omni Global offer tailgate lorry rental services with a driver?

Yes! If you need to rent a tailgate lorry with a driver, our licensed professionals will be there to help you get to your destination safely.

Who will need our tailgate lorry rental services?

Both small and large businesses that need to transport their goods, equipment and furniture are welcome to contact us!

Additionally, individuals who need help with their home relocation can call or send us an online enquiry as well.

Other Services

Apart from tailgate lorry rental, we also offer a range of logistics services to meet your needs.

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Rent a tailgate lorry with us at affordable prices now.