Forklift Rental with Driver

Features Without Tailgate
Service 1 Driver Only
Height 2.8m
Width 1.65m
Length 3.2m
Inner Cabin Height 1.9m
Capacity 1.5 TON

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Hourly Rental

Suitable for occassional needs where only a few heavy goods are required to be lifted once or twice in a month. We will provide forklift rental with driver based on the number of hours booked, which is also the cheapest option.

Certified Drivers

Our forklift operators have gone through forklift course and certified with forklift license. They are familiar with the safety procedures and steps taken to operate the forklift at a professional manner. Leave the heavy lifting to Omni Global. </span>

Improved efficiency

Hiring a forklift with driver to lift your goods to a certain level saves you time and manpower. A forklift operator takes less than an hour to complete the task and in turn, helps you save money.

Fast response time

Book online or call us to arrange an appointment for our forklift service with operator. We will get back to you as soon as we can, helping you solve your logistical problem. All slots are based on first come first served basis.

Enjoy the benefits of engaging our forklift service.

How we can make things easier for you.
forklift driver illustration


Omni Global’s forklift operators are trained to properly manipulate a fork lift by raising and lowering it and safely traveling from point A to point B. At the same time, we adhere to proper procedures, guidelines, and regulations for its safe operation. Aside from operation the forklift, our operators can maintain a clean and professional working environment at your pick up and destination area.

Hassle Free

We provide the transport of forklift with driver to your requested address so you don’t have to worry about the transportation woes. Let us know your exact requirements so our forklift operators can plan out the job scope based on our experience and logistical knowledge. Renting a forklift and driver also saves you time and inconvenience because we will be the ones settle the moving of goods for you.


Because we offer a wide variety of logistical service, we are experienced in the logistical industry and can recommend any plausible solutions to help you. Whether it is transportation needs, moving needs or warehousing needs, our forklift operators can advice you further.

Cost Efficient

Instead of just renting a forklift itself, we go further ahead to provide forklift with driver service so you don’t have to worry about certifying a forklift driver on your end. This can save you time and money when you outsource your forklift needs to Omni Global. With years of experience and the right knowledge, we know what is the fastest way to do things and can further advice you.

Other Services.

Aside from forklift with driver service, we also provide other related services for your logistical needs.

For cargo goods that are required to move from one point to another destination, we have a large fleet of commercial vehicles with drivers to assist your transportation needs.

Our warehouse is there to help companies who need extra storage space to store their goods. We have long term and short term storage service for all kinds of goods. Contact us to find out more.

For companies who have their own driver, we offer long term vehicle rental without driver for your logistical needs. These rental vehicles ranges from vans to larger lorries at very reasonable rates.

Sometimes, buying instead of renting a vehicle make more economical sense for companies with a larger budget. Omni Global provides the option of selling commercial vehicles to the market as well.

Let us handle the heavy lifting for you.